Charlotte Mason Method:
Philosophy that one must teach the whole child.  Two quotes from her are “Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life.” and “Education is the science of relations.”
This approach advocates reading living books and spending lots of time in nature.

Classical Education:
Many families prefer a liberal arts education for their children, including lessons in Greek and Latin, as well as formal instruction in logic.
Classical education depends on a three-part process of training the mind. The early years  are spent in absorbing facts, laying the foundations for advanced study. In the middle grades, students learn to think through arguments. In the high school years, they learn to express themselves. This classical pattern is called the trivium.

Distance Learning
Companies and schools that provide teaching assistance as well as learning materials. These schools vary widely in their choice of method, let alone formality.

Eclectic Homeschooling
Some families prefer to pick and choose among various methods, taking advantage of the flexibility it offers.

Montessori Homeschooling
Maria Montessori advocates observing your child, removing obstacles to learning and providing children with real, scaled-to-size tools to use.

Mini-schools are springing up among homeschoolers all over the world. Some offer full class schedules and others just supplement and provide limited courses.

Thomas Jefferson Education
Jefferson hypothesized that literacy and self-government work hand in hand and was a key component to self-preservation.

Hiring a tutor makes a family (and the tutor) fall under the tutoring laws of a state’s education code, rather than under homeschooling laws, especially if they intend to hire a tutor full time.

Umbrella Schools
Independent Study Programs, Distance Learning Programs, Virtual or Cyber Schools, Charter Schools, Learning Centers

Unit Studies
Available free,and for sale to homeschoolers. Families also opt to create their  own.

Natural learning is letting your child lead the way.

Waldorf Method
This method focuses on arts and crafts, music and movement. Students learn to read and write by making their own books.Developed by Rudolf Steiner,

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