How the States Got Their Shapes

Recently, I discovered the series How the States Got Their Shapes currently available on Netflix.

The show takes a unique approach to bring history and geography to life by examining how the states’ borders came about through things such as geography, history, and politics. Even if you aren’t a history or geography buff I believe you will find these episodes engaging.

Here is a link to more information about the show:

If you check out the page at the, you can find exclusive videos. You may find one about your state.

I was thrilled to find a short one about Ohio. What a great addition to a state study. Ohio’s video also provides information on how territories officially obtained statehood.

Whether you homeschool or not, I think How the States Got her Shapes is a definite must see. If you are a homeschooler, think Unit Studies, State History lessons,… Well you get the picture! The sky is the limit as is your imagination. So step away from your books and paperwork and grab your tv remote or computer mouse and start your journey! Not a homeschooler? Well what a great way to show your kids how interesting and geography can be. This show is a far cry from the normal geography class where you study maps and memorize locations for a test. At least that was my class experience with geography when I was growing up.

You can even play the Play The State game and race against the clock while you place the states on the map.

I never had a great experience with learning history or geography when I was in school so I am always looking for ways to make history and geography more interesting to learn. Do you have a favorite resource or method to teach history or geography? Share in it the comments so we can all help each other on our homeschool journeys together!


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