Preparing for high school

One thing I learned with my oldest was it is never too early to think about high school. Never having had a high school homeschooler I thought I was starting off early enough but realized that even my best thought out plans didn’t seem enough for my oldest.  Yes, we actually are ahead of some of my other homeschool friends but still there are things that I would have done differently.

Some things I have done:

Had my oldest start a college binder to place all that information about awards, volunteer work, activities, reading lists, ideas for careers, extra activities, prospective scholarships ,possible colleges etc….

Research curriculum from local high schools to see what graduation requirements are for them as well as look at what colleges are looking at for incoming freshmen,

Come up with a basic plan for high school courses at each grade level.

Start prepping for PSAT, SAT , a ACT tests.  We didn’t seem to do this part early enough and I would probably start in 8th grade.

Start volunteering at a consistent place: We did some volunteer stuff but not at the same place.

Really look into some extra curricular type activities.  Again do this consistently.  We started doing 4-H and running but again started this after starting High School rather than earlier like we probably should have done.

Do some research into career choices and explore those possibilities as part of yearly studies.  I remember when I was growing up I kind of did this but not really enough.  I saw too many kids go into college just having no clue and ended up picking something.  Too many folks end up choosing careers and then not really knowing what it is all about and really enjoying it.

As part of career planning, have your children set goals for their life.  What do they want their lifestyle to do look like?  Do they really need a high paying job?  Or would they be happier  doing something they really enjoy even with a lower pay expectation?  What is important to them?  If they know this in advance then they can plan better for their future and make choices that are best for their life.

These are just a few thoughts and some things to ponder.





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