Great Thinkers: John Stuart Mill

Here begins a daily writing about some of the visionaries and other important people throughout the ages. I begin with someone that I myself did not really know too much about before beginning this post.

John Stuart Mill was a British philosopher, political economist, moral and political theorist, and civil servant who lived from 1806-1873. He is thought to be one of the most influential English-speaking philosophers of the nineteenth century. He is known for his essay on the Subjection of Women as well the works- the System of Logic and the Political Economy. Those two works are just a few of the many that he had written.

Subjection of Women basically stated an argument in favor of equality between the sexes which at the time went against the European conventional norms of the status of men and women. In it, he discussed that the treatment of women was akin to slavery. In fact, he implied that the poor treatment of women adversely affected men and in turn society as a whole.

The System of Logic is a book in which Mill devised the five principles of inductive reasoning that are known as Mill’s methods. This work was said to be of importance to the history of science. You can read the spark notes about his book here.

These are just a few highlights about John Mill – much more was written about him. In the next few weeks, I will be writing about a person per day as time allows me. Each will be someone who in some way enlightened, challenged, or has influenced ourselves and our society in some manner. I hope that you enjoy these brief summaries and that it encourages you to learn more about many people. Some of whom you may know about and others that may be new to you.


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