Get your free Disney family Decal

If you know our family, you know we love Disney. We can not always afford to go but when we can, we go to WDW. Disney is a great place to do homeschooling. You can learn Physics, Geography, Art, Music, History and pretty much whatever you can think of doing. I even have a book that is part of a mystery book series that is about Disney. It comes with a teacher’s guide with activities that go along with the story.

Right now, at the Disney website,, you can go and create your free custom family decal. Make sure you select each family member and pet in the order you wish to have it in the final view because you can edit everything else but not order. You even select a background and the final color. You provide your email address and shipping information and that is about all. Nothing really personal. And it is completely free, one per household.

Here is a look at my family decal I created. Each of our family chose their own look.

Our Disney Side

So what are you waiting for? Start designing yours now!


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